Dan Satony- direction artistique


Le spectacle qui n'a jamais...
Translation : "The show that's never been written". An original concept based on improvisation!
La Star et son Gorille
New design since October 2016 for this comedy, due to a new distribution. Now Anthony Joubert is playing with Sebastien Laussier or Sebastien Moreau, depending on the tour dates.
La Star et son Gorille (Poster)
Poster of the 1rst version of this comedy played in Paris!
La Star et son Gorille (Flyer)
Both sides of the flyer
Anthony Joubert - Saison 2
Both sides flyer of a french humorist
Les Transmusicales
Poster concept for a famous French festival
Poster concept for the International Federation of Extreme Sports
Mystic - Chanel
Concept of an imaginary luxury product for Chanel
La Vache qui rit
Poster concept for a french cheese brand during the Olympics.
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