Dan Satony- direction artistique

Anthony Joubert

"Humorist, comedian and singer, you probably saw him on french Tv thanks to his now legendary moment 

his appearence on "La France a un incroyable talent"

where he came as his famous character William DeFly. He's regularly on tv and radio, and also very active on Youtube, publishing songs,

parodies and mini sketches.

You can also see him on stage in "La Star et son Gorille"

played everywhere in France.

He is one of the rare humorist that combines laughs and emotion!"



Flyer "Saison 2, le musical"
Both sides
Press kit for his show "Saison 2"
Inside double page
Musical version of his show
Inside double pages
Animated GiF
Made to promote his upcoming album
Ulule page background
Made for his fundraise on Ulule
Digital ad for his Ulule fundraise
Made for websites and screenings
"Le lundi tout est permis!" poster
A monthly comedy club for improvisors!
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